Digital Media: The Modern Technology of Online Marketing


With how accessible the internet is today would you believe that the number of internet users is still increasing each second? According to World Statistics Org the numbers go up for about 5% every year since its creation way back 2004. From that date to 2017 the number of people who go online every day has increased for over 50.1% . 2018 marks the age where internet users are already up to 4 billion as of the present time along with the rapid growth of social media use that has increased by almost 1 million new users every day for the last year.

Digital marketing is the umbrella term companies use to describe all its marketing efforts done online which widens its global reach.  We see companies spend thousands of dollars for roadblock ads yet not get anything. But see a company that invests time on online channels like Millennium FX and see the wonders in their network expansion. When properly planned, it can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than the traditional marketing methods.

It is no surprise that marketplace has become more digital as modern technology continues to evolve. Although it is mentioned a lot, the way consumers shop has changed along with the numbers, which means offline marketing isn’t as powerful as it used to be. Marketing has always been about reaching out to the right people at the right time. Today, marketers will have to meet them where they already are: The Internet-your gateway to the people who will become customers. They are online, which means that digital marketing should be the primary focus of your business. A company’s online presence can reach far more people that when it is only marketed solely offline.

A huge advantage is that digital marketing allows marketers to gain access to accurate, trackable and measurable results real time. The only way to know that your market strategy is working is by measuring its success over time. You can measure the Return of Investment (ROI) on each and every aspect of your marketing efforts. If you have a website then your customers are a few clicks away from making a purchase unlike other marketing strategies that require you to get up or make a phone call. It seamless and immediate.

Most people start their buyer’s journey online. Just think about how often Google becomes your first source of choice when you want to find the information that you need. Customers are in social media and the vision of Millennium FX that by the use of digital marketing that we can connect with you to start your journey in online trading.

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