Income Flexibility – Stable Option to Take Money Out from your Retirement


Do you think that the stock market is just for young people? Think again. According to Forbes, the number of retirees who bring in trading income in their retirement is growing.  You might have stopped working but it doesn’t mean you should stop earning. You’ve spent your entire life working and saving for your retirement. And savings are intended for future investment purposes. After all, savings planned to be your next source of income once you’re retired.

The typical investment strategy can change the level of income you receive whenever you need to or even choose to set up a regular income and make occasional withdrawals. When it comes to investing for retirement, slow and steady often does win the race. You can invest as much as you can as long as you have proper risk management. Start your retirement income plan here at Millennium FX. Our consultants will help you keep your portfolio diversified with your permission.


Build a Trader’s Mindset

Mindset is the first component in building your trading strategy to become a successful trader. It all starts with one’s mindset. Everyone is different but there are two certain emotions that are hardwired into us as part of the human condition. These are hopes and fears. After you overcome fear and finally make the move to invest, then hope comes to produce the desired result. Just keep in mind that the income is literally meant to last you a lifetime and it could be subject to income tax. If you take too much, or your investments don’t produce enough growth, there is the real possibility it could run out before you do. There is clearly a lot to think about when it comes to retirement income. To go about the process to invest in trading, other than a  building the right mindset, it is essential to reach out for advice.


Seek Out Trading Advice

Retirees are typically looking for trade stocks to divide their savings into three bucket lists: invest, trade and speculate. The majority of your portfolios are no less than 75% should be invested for the long-term, and that include bonds for income, stocks for growth and cash equivalents to help you weather downturns. The portfolio is your collection of stocks from different or the same sectors. It shows how many shares you are owning in each sector. It’s all well and good to understand the best practices for investing in stocks but it’s another thing to actually whether the market’s twists especially in retirement. But how do you determine the right stop-loss price? rule of thumb is to limit losses to one-third to one-half the potential reward. For example, if the goal is a profit of $6 per share, then set a stop-loss price at $2 to $3 below the purchase price. After the profit target is hit, then a trailing-stop order may be placed, which automatically adjusts the stop-loss price higher as a stock rises.


Manage your Income

Talking of tax-free cash, it’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t have to take it straight away, especially if you don’t need it for anything in particular at that time. When you open up an account with us here in Millennium FX, you will be assigned to a portfolio manager responsible for advising you the best fund strategy and managing your day to day investment trading. The Internet has opened up for opportunities that never dreamed possibilities a couple decades ago. Speak to us here or reach out to our live chat support at



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